What is Sealer for Bricks, Tiles, Stone, Concrete?

Your brick pavers are an expensive investment that need care. regular sealing is a standard procedure to ensure a prolonged life for your paved surfaces.

  • Shield agaist the drying and color fading action of the sun's utraviolte rays
  • Helps prevent the structural deterioration of the paver's soft coating.
  • Restores that rich, real color of new pavers, giving your brick pavers a new life and shine
  • Prevents stains due to water penetration
  • Creates a protective barrier that helps Resist damage caused by gas, oil, rust, tire tracs, etc.

Does my old sealer need to be stripped?

Damaged Brick Paver Sealer

Sealer stripping is generally difficult and should be done by a professional to ensure no damage is done to the pavers and surrounding areas and furniture. This is done by applying an industrial sealer and paint remover and other chemicals, pressure washing and repeating this process until all the sealer is removed.
Stripping is necessary when efflorescence is trapped below the sealer, or when the sealer is damaged due to bad application and water damage.

Sealing Standard Procedure

  • Pressure Washing
  • Removal of All Possible Stains
  • Re-Sanding Paver Joining’s
  • Two Coats of Sealer
  • Client Should Wait 24 Hours Before Driving or Heavy Foot Traffic

Types of Sealer/Sealants

With years of experience and thousands of job completed, we use only what we have determined is the best sealer; Black Diamond Sealers. But we can and will use other Sealants or Sealers upon request or when the job requires a different application, which will depend on the material and or the condition of the surface or substrate.

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Brick Sealers.